Fast Form On/Off

Fast Form On/Off is a Google Forms Add-on  useful to limit the number of responses in a Google Form.

You can  Set On or Set Off  your Google Form to a specific Date and Time. You can also use Fast Form On/Off to stop accepting new responses after the number you decide. Finally, you  can configure this app to receive notifications for your Google Form after a specific number of responses (5, 10, or 20).

Fast Form On/Off is a  very useful Google Add-on.

How to use Fast Form On/Off

Available Options

1)  SetOn et SetOff

You can schedule the closing and opening at a specific date and time of your Google Form with the SetOn and SetOff option.

2) Stop Accepting Responses After…

You can stop accepting responses after a certain number. You can configure that number in the application using the StopAfter function.

3) Notifications

You can receive notifications after each 5, 10 or 20 responses in your Google Form by using the Notification feature.

The add-on is available in the Google Market Place for Google Forms. You can also use the button below to install.