Jour 12: Manzanillo

Day 12: Manzanillo

Departure around 7:30 after a hearty lunch. I say goodbye to the only three people I've practiced my Shakespeare language with: three friendly Torontonians. The road is easy at the beginning of the day, but the mountains are still present in the landscape. I am in the sierra maestra, it is in these mountains that Raul Castro and his acolytes stayed for weeks before overthrowing the former dictator. Afterwards, I pass in front of the Pochera. I'm having three holes repaired in another inner tube. I'm going to be ready for the worst today... Thereafter, the road turns into a kind of Saskatchewan, that is, straight roads and cornfields. I finally find the sea after 80 km of cycling. The sequel is quite unusual, I meet people in the games room located on the seaside in a small village called "Ceiba Hueca". I take this opportunity to have a little fun... I have a good time while the sun beats down on the asphalt. I take the road again and I finally arrive in Manzanillo. I try to find a place to sleep, but it's very difficult. During this time a storm broke out and I waited with people well sheltered for more than an hour. I give a Canadian flag to a little girl to make up for scaring her with my mask a few minutes earlier. I meet a baby cat, he is adorable! I finally find a room to rest after 124.56 km. I eat in the street two excellent hot dogs for 30 cents and a Neapolitan spaghetti for 50 cents. I try to go to the creamery, but there is a huge queue. Manzanillo celebrates 225 years of existence. The center of town is very pretty.
Go ahead! Go ahead! can do it!
David Beauchesne