Jour 21: Varadero 2.0

Day 21: Varadero 2.0

I can finally sleep in, I get up at 7:00 Varadero has a 20km beach, the luxury hotels are located at the end of the island. Varadero is a place where everything is very expensive. I miss the Cuban atmosphere and the 25 cent sandwiches. That's why I'm going to explore the small town west of Varadero: Santa Martha . After 2 km of walking I finally find the real Cuba. I eat an excellent pork sandwich and a sugarcane juice (Guarapo). I feel better. After having eaten well I try to find Grisel a person who had invited me to eat ice cream in his house two years ago. I inquire and I find his house, but all the windows are closed. I will come back another time! I come back to my room which is very cute and very secret. Watch the video: My host prepares meals for me and I will give him some money at the end of the week. A little later, I finally found out how the inhabitants of Varadero could feed themselves at low prices!!! Just watch!!! I saw a bus driver stop his vehicle near the souvenir shops and followed him to see what he was doing. I discovered a nice gentleman with his wife smuggling sandwiches and juice at very low prices. Hooray! I am happy!!! I have lunch for 50 cents! I finally enjoy the beach and the turquoise water. I'm going to rest two more days, the days are long at the beach! In the evening, I put on my mount and I go back in search of Grisel and I finally find her. We talk for at least an hour, I tell him about my trip. She is very responsive and kind. She shows me her ledger in which I had written my name and address two years ago. She invited me to come back tomorrow to meet her husband who is a doctor. Here is the photo with her husband Angel who is a doctor in Havana. They're making big upgrades to this house, but they also own a home in Havana. On the way back, I witness the most beautiful sunset for a very long time. It's a first sunset in Varadero for me, because the last times I came in winter and the sun doesn't disappear making a characteristic noise when it hits the water like: tiiiiishhh. A sunset that will remain etched in my memory for a long time. A full sunset, no clouds. A ball of fire slowly descending and descending. A very rare spectacle that ends with a festive arrival of colors. A sunset so beautiful, no photo could do it justice...sorry! So! This is the end of my blog, for a while, the rest of my adventure may be very banal, beach, beach and back to Sherbrooke. I would like to thank the people who have followed my adventures!!! It was a very enriching trip and very pleasant to describe. See you soon, for other adventures... David Beauchesne