Jour 22: Matanzas un nouveau départ

Day 22: Matanzas a new beginning

I left this morning at three o'clock in the morning in the direction of Trudeau airport. I decided not to put my bike in a box this time around. It is securely attached in several places. My suitcase is filled to bursting (22.6 kg). Thanks to Andréanne, alias Julie, for the suitcase. As I am traveling very light for the next two weeks, I am going to give this suitcase full of clothes to the first Cuban I meet when leaving the airport. I'm very happy that Fastou (my cat) wanted to take a little photo for my departure. It's nice of him. The flight was scheduled for 8:45, but because of the storm we took off at 9:30. The flight is going very well. I get my bike back pretty quickly. I ride my bike quickly. My bike was damaged in transit. The left handle has been twisted. The bike still drives very well. I can shift gears but not fully I am unable to use front chainring gears. I will try to find a solution tomorrow. I gave the contents of my suitcase to a taxi driver, he was very happy. I ride about 25 km in this first day. The temperature is very pleasant. I am currently in the city of Matanzas. I found a nice little room at 20 Cuc, it's equivalent to $20 USD. A beautiful colonial city. Here is a statue of Marti which symbolizes the end of slavery. Look at the woman who breaks the chains. I found myself a small restaurant. A good ham pizza at 20 Cup, or about 1$ CAD It's amazing to see the colonial buildings still standing and sometimes overgrown. David Beauchesne Follow my Trip On Facebook