Jour 25: Cabanas

Day 25: Cabins

I'm walking through the sleepy streets of Havana this morning. I meet a very fit 68 year old man. He has already worked in Canada on a fishing boat. A nice guy, I give him 1 CUC, because I saw him rummaging through the garbage cans. He explains to me that it is often the law of the strongest in Cuba. I stroll through the magnificent streets. How to find coffee in Cuba? It's easy, you have to find people who hold a small cup of coffee. No question of serving coffee in disposable glasses in Cuba. The cups are washed after each use. I even saw the sign announcing the forthcoming arrival of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. I lunch a succulent burger and a small juice for 50 cents Cad. I take the road around 10:00 the traffic is heavy to leave the city. I take a road that runs along the sea thereafter. I watch kids playing baseball and volleyball. I eat another burger for dinner, but this one has a more questionable taste. The meat is pink and taut... I leave half of it on my plate. The landscape is sometimes beautiful and sometimes bituminous. I arrive in a small village called Mariel, I take the opportunity to stop at La Pochera to see "el pochero" ie the one who repairs the tires. He repaired two punctures for me for 1 Cuc (1$ Usd). It's very economical... Nope! I haven't had any flat tires since the second part of the trip. It's simply inner tubes that had holes from the other trip. In Quebec, we don't repair, we throw away. In Cuba we fix!!! I like!!! The landscape begins to change, the mountains appear on the horizon. I drink an excellent 4 Cup yogurt (20 cents Cad). It is so luscious. I finally arrive at Cabañas, a very nice little village. It's very small, I'm lucky to find a place to sleep. I meet Carlos who tells me he has a house and rents rooms. I have a little doubt because he was waiting for the bus and he approached me first. Usually these people are touts who bring tourists to the rooms for rent and get a commission of 5 Cuc. I ask Carlos the price of the room before moving. He tells me it's 25 CUC. I tell him that I want to pay 20 Cuc. He says no problem.... Arrived on the spot it is a situation already seen. The real owner of the house is not too agree with the negotiated price. Carlos was therefore a rabbateur! He tries to get his commission but the discussion gets tough between the two. Luis, the real owner, asks me if I want breakfast for 5 Cuc, I answer him that I prefer to eat in the street for almost nothing. He offers me the evening meal also for this price. I accept. He asks me to pay the 5 Cuc on the spot, I understand then that it is to pay the commission to Carlos. I give 5 Cuc to Luis, then he gives it to Carlos. The story ends well...everyone likes to have their piece of the cake. Speaking of cake, there's a huge one in the other house next door because there's a kids party. Here is the central park. Usually there is a statue in the center of the park, but here in Cabañas there is a quadruple lamppost. To each his own style! I buy matches. I had a hard time making myself understood. The village church. The life of dogs. I did 81 km today. Watch my bike ride on Strava: The weather is nice and life is good. Here is my secret for this trip. I turn the water into Gatorade with powder that I bought at Super C before leaving for Cuba. In July I was fueling 4.5 liters of 7up a day because it was so hot. During this trip I take at least a liter of Gatorade, 1.5 liters of 7up and I drink some refreshments sold on the road. There is no internet in the village, don't worry I'm alive. I have a good supper. Pork, rice, soup, potatoes and tomatoes. That feels good! I take this opportunity to feed the dog and the cat, they are starving. Life is hard. I think of Fastou my cat who is very well fed in Sherbrooke. I'm having a nice little evening. I took out my new mask received at Christmas by my dad. He made the neighborhood children happy. A lovely evening with Luis and his wife. Let's enjoy the present moment. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook