Jour 30: Havane 2.0

Day 30: Havana 2.0

The day should start with a good breakfast, that's exactly what I did. The day is really cold. It's 18 degrees, it's winter here. I'm going to the Candelaria park located 5km away to update my website. I see people with toques. I go back to my room, another 5km with the wind in my face, it's difficult. I prepare my things and head to the Soroa waterfalls, I hope they will be beautiful this time. The road is very mountainous, I feel that it will be a difficult day. I am not disappointed this time. It's too cold to swim, it will be for next time. This is the kind of place I would like to be able to go to in Quebec. I continue my way, it's really difficult. I have to get off my bike my climb the hills. It was at this moment that I would have liked to be able to change my front chainring gears... The road is quite monotonous, it's in the countryside and there is nothing, absolutely nothing. I arrive at Las terazas, but there is nothing special to see. I continue my way on a small road and I discover another place with small waterfalls. I take this opportunity to swim a little, it is noon and it is warmer than this morning. I take this opportunity to eat a little. I meet two French people from Brittany. They will be in Cuba for 20 days. I take the road again, but it's a rocky road. I drive about 15 minutes on this shortcut that leads to the highway. Made on the highway I see that I am 55km from Havana. The road is really long and flat. I meet a lady from New Zealand, I talk to her a bit and I continue on my way. After the promised 55 km, I realize that I still have 25 km left to arrive in the district of Old Havana. I'm exhausted!!! Time is also running out, because it is raining a little and night is about to fall. This is the embassy district...the houses are huge. Looks like I'm walking through a posh Hollywood neighborhood. The next moment I find myself in a walking dead setting, a run-down neighborhood. This is Havana and its contrasts. I pass in front of the Place de la Révolution. Sorry for the clichés, but the night is approaching, it's 6:00 p.m. I have to find a place to spend the night. I arrive in the old quarter, it's magnificent. I return to Merced Street, the place where I had spent a lovely night. I knock on the door and talk to Grandpa. Unfortunately, both rooms are already occupied. He calls his neighbors and tells me that there is a free room. I'll see, it's pretty ordinary. The price is 35 Cuc. I try to negotiate at 25 Cuc, but the lady does not want to know anything. I pretend to leave in the hope that she changes her mind, but she prefers not to rent her room than to make 25 Cuc. I walk and I try to find a place. I ring at a door, no free room. I'm starting to find the day quite long. I see another house called Jesus y Maria, I found a religious hope. I hope there will be room! I finally find a room at 35 Cuc, I'm so tired. I write my blog and I look at the magnificent ceiling. Here comes the crazy bike day... Watch my bike ride on Strava: I'm feverish and I have a stomach ache. I hope everything will be fine tomorrow. David Beauchesne To follow me on Facebook