Jour 7: Des montagnes, encore des montagnes

Day 7: Mountains, more mountains

I get up early and watch my first sunrise on my balcony, it's beautiful!!! I'm going to visit Baracoa this morning. It is a beautiful colonial style city. There is a historic center, forts and a museum. The beach isn't very interesting, but I can see a baseball stadium in the distance. Like most infrastructure in Cuba, the stadium is in a sorry state. I was thinking of staying two days in Baracoa, but I feel like discovering another destination. I head towards Cajo Babo which is located on the other side of the tip of the island. A distance to cover of 55km which seems easy to complete, but when I consult Google Maps I understand that it will be the most difficult day of the trip. The climb is endless, I wonder what project I embarked on!!! Phew! I finally reach the top... After all these efforts it's time for the reward, but above all for caution. I'm going at high speed, it's great!!! At the bottom there is a river and I'm going to swim with the locals, it's wonderful. I share good times with these Cubans. I buy 5 chocolate bars and I share with all these people! People are friendly! I finally arrive at my destination and I rent a bungalow in a Campismo on the edge of the beach. I take a nap and have a good meal, it feels good. Tomorrow I will drive towards Guantanamo! Sad place famous for its American prison on Cuban soil. Enjoy every meal as if it were your last! David Beauchesne