Day 14: It's the last day

I get up very early this morning. The wind was good in the shop all night. Last night Manuel went fishing with his friend, here is the harvest. Isabel prepares me a good breakfast consisting of eggs, bread and “bines”. It's very good, I eat with Manuel, Pedro and Carlos. I leave very early for the Costa Rican border located 4km away. Everything is going well, I have to pay $1 for the municipal tax and $2 to leave Nicaragua. Then I head to Costa Rica customs, everything is fine. After a few minutes I am back in Costa Rica. The road is beautiful but the wind is strong. I'm riding well, I can't wait to get to Liberia. After 60 km I stop in a small restaurant that I had visited 12 days ago. The owner lets people who travel by bike write on his wall. I left my trail, trying to find my message. I finally arrive in Liberia after covering 83 km in 4 hours and 23 minutes. I'm paying myself the big luxury tonight. Tomorrow, I will take the plane. I am currently 13 km from the airport. My journey is over! Thank you to those who followed my adventures in Nicaragua. I'll tell you until next time... What will be the next country? ¡Quién sabe! David Beauchesne