Day 5: Drive to Nandaime

I am currently in Nandaime, I am at home!
I get up very early, say hello to my temporary friends and hit the road again. The path is lovely...but challenging. Along the way, I see a place where you can bathe in a hot spring. I paid two dollars to enter the site. I'm alone in the pools, but a dozen women are doing the laundry right next door. They work very hard. They take the opportunity to wash with hot water!!! After the baths, I chat with people and learn that a motorbike costs less than my bike is 500 Chocoyo (500 USD). A liter of gasoline is the same price as in Canada! I roll and roll...and I meet a rope salesman. It is very hot and children take the opportunity to swim. I finally arrive on the main road, I see a truck full of sugar cane. A man is perched on top while the truck is rolling, it's incredible!!! It is also not uncommon to see a complete family on a motorcycle. After 65 km, I finally arrive at Nandaime's house. I see the changes made over the past three years. The church has been completely restored with its original color. Now is the time for reunions. Everyone has grown up. This is the fourth time I have seen my family from Nicaragua!! We share a meal together. We look at photos of my past visits. I'm glad to have arrived. My room was waiting for me. In the evening we make a fire and I bought marshmallows, chips and a cake. Very nice day!!! David Beauchesne