Jour 3 : 🏍️ Escale à Nandaime 🇳🇮 pour mon projet de hamacs 🚧

Day 3: 🏍️ Stopover in Nandaime 🇳🇮 for ​​my hammock project 🚧

Here is the plan for the day

  1. Explore the San Juan del Sur area
  2. Go see my friends in Nandaime for my hammock project
  3. Return to sleep in San Juan del Sur

Before heading for Nandaime, I decide this morning to return to Playa Marsella. A place I had visited in 2018.
I'm going to say hello to Maria and Marcelino.
Here is the photo of 2022.
In 2018, I had spent a few days at this place. I was very happy to see them again after 3 years.
Here is my photo from 2018
See 2018 blog
However this year I explore the region by motorbike it's much easier because the last time I was on a bike!!!
I take the time to enjoy a sublime lunch cooked by Maria.
I paid 150 cordobas (Nio), or about $5.42 (CAD)
Here is some useful information regarding the currency of Nicaragua (Nio)

I take the time to say hello to my friend the parrot, it's quite comical because he imitates the cries of a crying baby! I find this animal fascinating!
here are the prices indicated in Cordobas (Nio) of the products offered by my friends.
This is Playa Marsella
I continue my journey to Nandaime to see the Oscar Arnulfo Romero center. This is where the Collège Mont Notre-Dame organized humanitarian trips with the help of the spiral organization. However, the situation in Nicaragua seriously deteriorated in 2018.

Difficult situation in Nicaragua since 2018

Nicaragua: eleven dead in demonstrations against President Daniel Ortega. Since April 18, 2018, an unprecedented wave of protest has shaken the country. It has so far caused ninety-eight deaths. (98 dead)

Source: The World

Change of subject---> Life goes on...

I'll get my hair cut for 60 cordobas ($2.17 CAD)
I'm going to visit Maria and her daughter Lucia for my Secret Hammock project! Hush....
I wish I could organize a hammock fair trade between Nicaragua and Canada. Details to come soon.
I visit my Morales family who hosted me in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018.
I have fun with Elieser, we play ball and jump.
After having shared a meal with the Morales family, I have to take the road again by motorbike to San Juan del Sur. The path is very difficult, it is very windy! It was not the idea of ​​the century to cover all this distance in a single day. I'm exhausted.
I arrive just in time to enjoy the sunset...but a nice surprise was waiting for me on the beach!!!

Then I spend the evening with my friend Juan Carlos who is a great guide for me. A small reward was in order!!! hahaha
Thank you life for giving me the chance to live all these adventures!
Life is Beautiful!
David Beauchesne
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Merveilleuse aventure! Profites-en au maximum, pour toi d’abord, et merci de partager ton voyage avec nous. Sois prudent! Nous t’aimons. Salutations de Claude.

Micheline Beauchesne

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