Advanced Guide for Fast Mail

Fast Mail is a Google Sheets add-on used to create emails with your Gmail account. You can send up to 500 messages a day and can set a time and date for sending your messages. You can also use fields to merge information in your email. (Mail Merge)

How to install Fast Mail

Use the Google Sheets Menu,
Add-ons > Get add-ons…

Enter Fast Mail into the search box and click on Free.

How to use  Mail Merge (Advanced)

Advanced mode allows you to use multiple fields to merge into Gmail.

To use this mode, you must use the Mail Merge (Advanced) option in the Fast Mail menu.

Then you will need to select the sheet that contains your data to perform the merge.

Configuring the merge

Here is an example of a file that you can use.

Step 1

Select the column that contains the email addresses. In this example:

Step 2

Configure your message by clicking on the button

You can use merge fields in the subject and in the body of the message. You can also insert the titles of each column by clicking Insert Title. Do not forget to save your template message by clicking SAVE.

It is also possible to use the automatic mode. To add automatically the title of each column, as well as the result associated with each of them. To use the automatic mode, click the Automatic button.

Step  3

To preview the message, click the Preview button.

Step 4

The last step is to send all messages by clicking the Send All Now button

Here is an overview of the message sent by Fast Mail using the Gmail service.

Other advanced function

Reuse a template

When you have used Fast Mail several times, it will be possible to reuse your previous templates. Indeed, you will find a new option appear when you compose a new template message by clicking on the button

To start using Fast Mail, click on the Install button below!