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Fast Quiz (Google Workspace Solutions - Fast123)

Fast Quiz allows you to create quizzes that correct themselves... It's as simple as that! You can also use Fast Keyboard by clicking on the option in the main menu which allows you to quickly create special characters and emoticons! 😀😁😈

If the application is already downloaded, use the Add-ons > Fast Quiz menu in Google Sheets

Step 1 (Create Questions)

Step 2 (Quiz Overview)

Step 3 (Publish the Quiz)

As easy as 1,2,3...

Options in the menu (After publishing, it is possible to repost )

You can share your Quiz via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

To create short answer questions, just enter one answer choice and FastQuiz will create a text question. You can also add comments that will be sent to the student if they get the wrong answer. To do this you must Insert a remark in cell C12 using the context menu. Here is an example....

Here is an example of a note in cell C12. This comment will be sent automatically, if the student does not have the right answer.

Here is the result of this question in the form.

In this example the student must enter exactly the following answer: é Otherwise, he will not have the points attributed to this question.

As easy as 123...

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