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  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
  • 01 San José-> 02 Cartago
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01 San Jose-> 02 Cartago


San Jose , Costa Rica

Today, I enjoy the big city for a last half day before moving to Cartago.

I visit the surroundings of the National Stadium of Costa Rica , it is a very beautiful stadium which was financed by Chinese interests.

Sometimes there are scenes that are hard to bear, like this family from Venezuela asking for charity in the streets.

It's sad! I give sometimes, but I can't help them all....

-------- End of sad segment ----

Go David! You have to get ready for the day! Keep focus!


I take this opportunity to have a good breakfast. How much do you think I paid for this meal?

It's your turn!

Find the price of this lunch

I'm also taking a protein shake because I know it's going to be tough and a nice little challenge on the bike.

I go back to my small accommodation, I put the finishing touches on my packing and I decide to leave some clothes that take up too much space. Indeed, I had brought a very warm sweater and 4 new Fast123 sweaters that were still in the original plastic packaging.

I had too many things, I have to reduce. So I asked Marvin if I could leave things and I was going to be back in 30 days to pick it all up! Will I come back?

I put on my mount and head for Cartago.

I am once again having difficulty reading the GPS information on my phone. The streets of San José are really hard to follow! I finally find the motorcycle option which allows me to hear the voice instructions in order to take the right path.

I decide to take a path that goes through the mountains, phew! It is not easy! Sometimes I have to get off my bike. The hills are really hard to climb! They are even difficult to climb even if I am on foot! Luckily I left my jerseys in San José !!!

I finally arrive at the top, the view is magnificent. Fortunately, what goes up must come down. Alleluia!

The descent is going well, but it is relatively dangerous. I have to brake as much as possible and I still drive at 20 km/h!!!

I finally arrive in Cartago after having driven or walked 32 km. You can check out my ride on Strava below.

I find the keys to my next Airbnb, I activate the magic combination and I can finally discover my next accommodation for the next two nights. I paid a total of $44 CAD for 2 nights.

Learn more about this Airnbnb

Tomorrow I'm going to discover the Irazù Volcano . I will make the way by bus, because the 34 km trip from downtown Cartago to the Irazù Volcano requires 1 hour by motorized vehicle. You really should not rely on the number of kilometers, because the mountains of C osta Rica are omnipresent.

The rain is heavy all evening, I go get a little supper at the local grocery store and I watch people play soccer.

I'm exhausted! I go to bed around 7:30 p.m. Good Friday !

David Beauchesne

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