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  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
  • Préparer #Verbe #Transitif
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Prepare #verb #transitive


Put in working order, to serve.

Prepare your luggage for the big trip to Costa Rica.


Today, I packed my bags for the big trip to Costa Rica.

FR - Prepared

ES - Prepare

#transitive verb


Sherbrook ,

Friday October 17 , 2022.

Preparation of my luggage and replacement for day 54.

Today I replaced in the fourth year of primary school. I managed to captivate young listeners with my 2 Arkel brand bicycle bags.

Do you want to see the contents of my bags?

--- yes!!! (All in Chorus)

What to bring in these two red bags? Do you know? Here are some answers I got.

---Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

I have to plan everything!!! So I'm going to reveal the contents of my bags to you, but first I must have complete silence! Is this understood???

--- yes!!! (All in Chorus)

So let's go friends!!!


It's my favorite activity! Children love to hear stories, real ones! I'm a real storybook about two shins!

@fast123_videos #fast123 #costarica #bike #trip ♬ Happy to Be Happy - Dapun

So here are the contents of my two bike bags (the activity lasts 30 minutes)

Fast 1 2 3 _ _ _ is an artist who takes photos without retouching them. It is literally an image hunter. Here is his bike and his two Arkel panniers near theJacques-Cartier Bridge in Sherbrooke.

Here is the list to travel by bike for an indefinite period!!!


1 pair of shoes

1 pair of sandals

1 light raincoat

4 Polyester/Merino Underwear

1 Merino Ice breaker sweater

4 F a s t jerseys 1 2 3

4 stockings

1 Swimsuit

1 very thin blue beach towel

2 bike shorts with 4 zip pockets

1 shorts

1 F a s t 1 2 3 cycling jersey

1 black tank top

Toilet accessories

Toothbrush and toothpaste (small size)


Shampoo (small bottle)

1 bar of soap (miniature)

Nail clippers, eyebrow tweezers

1 USB-C shaver

1 disposable razor

Beard creams (small)

Roll of toilet paper in a plastic bag.


2 packets of matches, 1 candle, Armenian paper

Anti-parasite pills, robaxcacet, immodium, lozenges


Money $ USD

250 F a s t tights 1 2 3

Exchange rate conversion table

Credit card (Visa, and MasterCard)

Driving license (car and motorcycle)

Sewing kit

2 toy cars F a s t 1 2 3

1 toy motorcycle

52 playing cards

4 extra pencils


Powdered Gatorade (560g)

4 protein bars

3 plastic utensils (spoon, fork and knife)

Bike accessories

Small Yellow Bag

15 mm spanner for the pedals

Allen keys and screwdrivers, pliers

50 plastic ties (Tie wraps)

2 Tire patches

10 tube patches

2 new tire tubes

1 tire lever

1 tire pump

1 chain remover

1 Patent mesh

1 small bottle of chain lubricant

1 Bicycle helmet

1 pair of glasses with photochromic lenses

1 pair of sunglasses

1 pair of reading glasses for presbyopia (a visual defect that appears with age)

Useful accessories on the plane

1 soft backpack

Passport and/or visa

Electronic flight tickets

Snacks for before and during the flight in small bags

Cell phone

Broken cell phone to give to Augusto


USB-C adapters

Portable and solar power bank

Headphones with a classic plug (2.5 mm)

wireless headphones


Ear plugs

Chewing Gum (Takeoff)

F a s t tights 1 2 3 to promote my social networks.

Miniature flags of the countries I have visited.

Miniature tripod

Notebook, pencils and Sharpie.

Sudoku and Binairo ( Contest )

Reading book

-----Do you notice that I am forgetting something? Please write it in comment on Facebook .

David Beauchesne

Fast123 Travel

Live the UNIQUE experience of Nicaragua

To write to me: Click here

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