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  • San Juan Del Sur (Cliquez Pour Obtenir Les Informations)
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San Juan del Sur (Click for information)

It is possible to reach San Juan del Sur by bus from Costa Rica.

There is a questionnaire to complete before going through customs, you must pay the exit tax from Costa Rica.

You have to cross a buffer zone between the two countries on foot

You have to pay the entry tax in Nicaragua.

The bus is very easy to use. You have to go to Terminal
Liberia. You ask for the Frontera (Border) bus, it's
really cheap. A few US dollars. You have to pay around $3 USD.

Then, from the Nicaraguan border you can take a taxi for around 20$ USD.

It is also possible to take a bus, but you have to disembark at the Virgen and then take another bus to San Juan del Sur.

The easiest option is to take a $20 USD taxi from the border to San Juan del Sur.

Attention the taxi in the other direction that is to say from the border of Costa Rica to Liberia is much more expensive. You will have to pay around $80 USD.

Everything is more expensive in Costa Rica .

Your guide: David Beauchesne

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