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  • Traverser Sherbrooke Est Ouest (Essai 2)
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Crossing Sherbrooke East West (Trial 2)

Here is my second attempt to cross the city of Sherbrooke from East to West by bike.

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Following some suggestions from members of the Facebook group
Sherbrooke Urban Bike (SUV). See the original post on Facebook.

I opted this time for the descent of rue Normand, I preferred rue Normand to rue Galvin.

Then I used Conseil Street.

I took the Aylmer bridge in the opposite direction on the sidewalk.
(Watch out for pedestrians!!)

  • I went through a missing cycle link to join the cycle path behind the Maxi. (Be careful there is still mud !!!)

  • Then you can climb Aberdeen Street (another great challenge ). Long live #Sherbrooke #SherbyLove

  • Finally, you can join the cycle network towards the Gare de la Gare market.

    I then opted to cross the Jacques-Cartier bridge, but a small piece of bike path is missing.

    The rest of my journey then is similar to my first attempt.

    See my first attempt ---> CLICK HERE

    Have a good day!

    David Beauchesne


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