Google Workspace Applications

Fast Form On/Off is a Google Forms Add-on

  • Set off a Google Form to a specific Time.
  • limit the number of responses in a Google Form.

Fast Calendar allows you to add up to 500 events/day in a Google calendar with a Google Meet link in minutes.

Fast Quiz allows you to quickly create quizzes and activate automatic correction.

Fast Team allows you to create class plans and make random teams in seconds. You can even import your class lists from Google Classroom.

Fast School Scheduler  allows you to enter your cycle schedule in your Google Calendar in just 5 minutes and integrate it in Google or iCal Calendar.

Fast Mail allows you to schedule email sending through your Gmail account. You can send up to 500 messages a day and schedule your messages at a specific date and time. This is the ideal application for mail merge.

Fast Keyboard lets you add special characters easily  in Google Docs. You can add Subscripts and Superscripts very fast. You can also add maths functions like x²+y²=25 as well as Emojis.😀😁😈

Fast Docs Sender allows you to share your Google Docs at a specific date and time.

Fast Docs Notifier allows you to receive notifications whenever a user  makes a change in a document.