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Discover Cuba differently in 7 days (Varadero to Havana)

Day 0: The big departure for Cuba (From Varadero to Matanzas)

The big departure for Cuba (yes again...)

Leaving Sherbrooke around noon to go to Dorval airport (YUL)

Everything fits very well in my super car at $1000

I put my luggage in a big cardboard box. (It's free in bike shops)

The airport is not as crowded as I thought. The recording is going great. Customs control is a charm. My goal is to travel about 400 km in a week... I have already booked my first night, but not the others... Where would I be? I arrived at Varadero airport in the evening around 9:30 p.m. I collect my 2 boxes and head outside to mount my bike.

Two nice Cubans help me hold my bike during assembly. People are have to trust.

After about thirty minutes I am finally ready to leave in the direction of Matanzas. Here are the 2 options that are possible to get to Matanzas

Option 1

Cross a distance of 18 km in the dark if your flight is late! (If you choose this option, provide a front and rear bike light) You will see it is very dark when you leave the airport. It's a bit crazy to leave at careful. Of course that's the option I chose.

Option 2

Take a taxi to Matanzas with your bike box (Easy solution, but safe)

Before going any further, you need to change your Canadian money into Cuban pesos.

I change my Canadian money into convertible pesos (CUC). I got 3216 CUP for 200 CAD. CUP is now the only accepted currency. To be more precise 1$ Canadian = 24 CUP

It's really not a good idea to change money at the airport. The rates are not good, but I needed some money for the start of my trip.

I traveled 14 km in total darkness to get to Matanzas to find my first small lodging for the night. I paid 20 CAD on Expedia before leaving for Cuba. Here is my little room with lukewarm water.

It's midnight. It is time to sleep. Tomorrow will be the official start of this little 7-day adventure... Life is beautiful. You should take advantage!

🏠 All pictures

Discover Cuba differently in 7 days (Varadero to Havana)

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